Monday, October 30, 2006

Elvis "SHOCKING" Facts by writer Goldman



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Elvis, because of his drugs, had a paralyzed colon. Many a morning it was necessary to strip the hotel beds before the housekeeper arrived lest the gossip spread through the hotel that "Elvis Presley shits the bed." He had to take all types of medications to make his bowels move, and he couldn't control them. After Elvis's drugs had been stocked, the one item that didn't need stocking in quantity was soap. Elvis's brand was Neutragena, but he rarely bathed. Lamar says Elvis takes a whore's bath" - a quick negligent wipe of the armpits and crotch. He may not even do that much. Priscilla was so disgusted by Elvis's lack of personal cleanliness that when she renovated their last home on Monovale Road, she had his shower rigged with three spray nozzles, one for the head, one for the torso and one for the lower extremities. It was a good idea but Elvis objected. Taking showers was dangerous. How many times had he slipped and fallen?

As a rule, no woman ever saw Elvis undressed. His shyness focused on his penis, which he called Little Elvis and went to great lengths to hide. Instead of pissing in a urinal, for example, he would always go inside a stall, like a woman. He was not modest but ashamed. Like most country boys of his time, he wasn't circumcised. A sensitive adolescent at heart, he saw his beauty disfigured by an ugly hillbilly pecker. He also complained that when he did engage in intercourse, the foreskin pulled back and forth in the grip of the vulva, often would fray and tear, sometimes emerging bloody. There was an obvious solution to the problem but Elvis couldn't bear the thought of a knife cutting into Little Elvis. Vernon was much braver and was circumcised after he became involved with a young woman.

Elvis became so over weight, up to 225 pounds over weight, he had to wear a corset on stage. They didn't call it a corset, they called it a brace. It was a surgical looking garment that gathers the flesh in front and secures it from behind with a web of laces. Once laced into the corset Elvis is shown a few costumes that still fit. A solid gold gladiator's belt was fastened around the waist of the chosen costume, which was another devise for hiding the girth, and then costuming was complete.

Nick Adams ingratiated himself with James Dean precisely as he would do a year or so later with Elvis. He offered himself to the shy, emotionally contorted and rebellious Dean, as a friend, a guide, a boon companion, a homosexual over--whatever role or service Dean required.

In addition to being an orgiast and a voyeur, Elvis was also a life long masturbator. Every month one of the boys would be dispatched to one of those extended bookstores off Hollywood Boulevard to buy the boss the latest fuck books. The man might spend as much as forty dollars obtaining enough material to satisfy the master's appetites. Elvis would take a different magazine to bed with him every night and jerked off looking at the pictures.

When Elvis Presley returned to America after years in the Army, he was a changed man. His mother's death, his father's remarriage, his own suffering in the service, as well as the prolonged interruption of his career and his anxiety about its revival, had eroded the self confidence he displayed in his early years. His first TV appearances, particularly his queer showing on Frank Sinatra Welcome Home Party for Elvis Presley, testify to the change in the man that underlay the change in the image. The first signal that something had happened to Elvis was sexual. The Elvis that had appeared on the Dorsey, Berle, and Sullivan shows, who had starred in "Loving You," and "Jailhouse rock" was butch. After the Army, Elvis appeared very delicate and vulnerable, as if he were recovering from major surgery. He wringed his hands as he talked. He became extremely wary. With his preposterous Little Richard conk, his limp wrist, girlish grin and wobbly knees, which now turned out, instead of in, he looked outrageously gay. (from the book ELVIS as was reviewed in the Hollywood Star).

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